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Fleet Management

GPS Fleet Tracking make it possible to enhance safety, increase efficiency, achieve compliance and promote sustainability.

Bike Sharing

With hardware and software working seamlessly together, Translane bike sharing solution facilitates information sharing among operators.


Video Telematics

Never lose track of your fleet and driver. With real-time GPS tracking, live streaming video, insightful reports, fuel consumption control, driving behavior monitoring


Rental Equipment Tracking

Know the whereabouts, utilization and maintenance record of your rental equipment, helping in reducing the complexity of management, improving customer service.


Trailer Tracking

Leveraging rugged trailer tracker and scalable tracking platform, Translane IoT helps make trailer tracking easier. Our trailer tracking solution can protect your trailer.


GPS Package tracking

An intelligent solution that helps 3PLs, courier companies, freight forwarders and other stakeholders enhance the security of packages and streamline their operations.


Container GPS Tracking

Combining rugged GPS telematics hardware with reliable tracking software, Translane IoT container GPS tracking solutions can provide you with complete visibility, intelligence and connection throughout the journey.

Line of Cars

Fleet Safety

Comprehensive and professional driving behavior analysis system helps fleet managers directly judge whether drivers have driven dangerously. Managers will get alerted immediately once abnormal vehicle status happens.


Taxi and Ride-Hailing Fleet

Dashboard or windshield cameras help monitor everything that happens inside the vehicle, not just driver behavior. Interactions or arguments between the driver and passenger are also monitored, which give everyone a sense of trust and safety.


Car Rental

Through real-time positioning and tracking of leased vehicles, rental car companies can have more visibility into their cars location and status. In the event of an emergency, or some other abnormal situation, the platform will immediately send out an alert.


Usage Based Insurance

Manage premiums in a more reasonable and equitable way, making your insurance product and service stand out from the competition


Construction & Heavy Equipment

By taking predictive measures, you are able to maximize the use of the fleet, ensuring that your fleet is always in the best working state and maintaining stable income.


Fleet Sustainability

We are dedicated to supporting research alternatives to traditional fuel vehicles, changing traditional transportation methods, and developing more eco-friendly solutions to protect the earth.


Fleet Efficiency

Data collected from your fleet generates comprehensive reports every day, which provide fleet managers with direct insight into fleet efficiency and the ability to measure and analyze the right data at the right time .


Logistics and Delivery

Transform your traditional operations and embrace new technologies that will enable your fleet to see drastic productivity gains and drive business prosperity.


Assets Tracking

Asset tracking solutions are designed to help minimize your operating costs and maximize asset performance. Our IoT asset tracking software is scalable, secure and reliable.


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