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Refeer tracking and Monitoring devices

Reduce spoiled goods through intelligent cold chain asset monitoring

Improper temperature control is among one of the top reasons why perishable goods are wasted in cold chain transport. Without a complete solution in place, cold chain fleets may struggle to meet strict food safety regulations and have a higher risk of spoiling loads. We provides fleets with the data and tools to reduce the risk of spoiled goods and help comply with regulations, while also reducing costs, increasing operational efficiency and improving customer service. With more than 80% market share of the refrigerated transportation market in the US, we delivers end-to-end telematics solutions that enable comprehensive management and two-way control of refrigerated trailers, containers and other assets in the supply chain on land, rail or sea

Reduce claims

Around-the-clock temperature monitoring, automated alarms and two-way control allow for quick, corrective action when issues with a load are detected; helping prevent cargo spoilage, minimize losses due to claims and significantly reduce insurance premiums.

Make compliance easy

Simplify compliance with food safety regulations such as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) through the continuous collection and retention of temperature data that makes it easy to share proof of temperature as required.

Increase profitability

Optimize asset utilization, turn times, trailer pools and tractor-to-trailer ratios with comprehensive fleet reports and geofences. Reduce detention and maintenance costs and minimize downtime.

Keep assets visible

Maintain contact with drivers and visibility of assets with optional dual-mode cellular and satellite communications, keeping fleets connected in areas where the cellular network is unreliable, unavailable or compromised by severe weather.

Streamline handoffs

Ensure loads maintain appropriate temperature setpoints when switching hands to preserve the integrity of the cold chain and protect your business from liability. Streamline the distribution of refrigerated cargo with arrival and departure notifications to minimize time spent at loading docks.

Reduce fuel costs

Save on fuel costs by identifying opportunities to optimize equipment operation and detecting issues such as fuel theft or improper invoicing.

Improve efficiency

Use sophisticated monitoring systems that connect directly to refrigeration units to gain two-way control and handle reefer functions remotely, so your driver doesn’t have to

Improve customer service

Build customer loyalty by providing them with shipment visibility so they can see delivery times, streamline load and unload crews, and speed up the distribution of goods.


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