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Order management is simply the process of efficiently tracking and fulfilling sales orders. It includes the cycle of people, processes, and suppliers to create a positive customer experience. The order management process starts from when a customer places an order, to keeping track of that order until it is fulfilled.

It also involves keeping a record of the customer – which may include their purchase history, payment method, and volume of order. Sales departments give notification to the warehouse to fulfill the order, and the order is then shipped to the customer.Order management software is also shareable, from the customer service team to the accounting team, the warehouse staff, and you, the business owner. The best kinds of inventory management systems also have an order management app, allowing you to manage your stock on the go and spot-check your business in real-time. Effective order management improves the business workflow and increases the likelihood of repeat customers

Benefits of using an Order Management System

There are several benefits of using an OMS, most notably improved customer service through increased accuracy.

1. Efficient automation

OMS rely on automation, from operating the storefront through delivery. Using software for order processing saves on man-hours, reducing your labor costs. This frees your team up to focus on greater customer satisfaction and growing your business. The best order management software programs also have increased data security, increasingly important in today's online world.

2. 24-hour access

You can track your business anytime, anywhere from your phone, laptop, or PC. Plus, customers have the opportunity to buy anything you sell, anytime, and from anywhere. You'll receive greater data control and more efficient order processing, while your customers can quickly get what they need.

3. Improved business growth

Automation of the cash-to-order system leads to standardization of the order process across many different sales channels. You'll have more time to collect and analyze customer data, helping you tweak your online store for selection and develop greater customer relationships. You'll be able to forecast sales with more accuracy.

4. Accurate inventory management

Automation inventory management reduces "user error" from manually inputting items online from a spreadsheet and makes it easier to determine what you need to order and when. You'll reduce over-selling and over-ordering.

5. Real-time information

With up-to-date information at your fingertips, you can address any issues that arise fast – before they impact customer service or interrupt the sales cycle. Being proactive about any customer service issues or product delays helps you grow your business.


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